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Full business consulting

Business consulting is a focused and precise process that helps to deal with the complex challenges of establishing a startup and managing a business. Its purpose is to provide the business with all the knowledge and skills necessary for growth and success. We provide entrepreneurs with comprehensive business-financial support, for all the needs of the project. From the idea stage to introducing a product to the market.

Preparation for investors

An investor meeting is one of the most significant and complex steps for raising capital in order to realize the following milestones in a venture or business. Together with the entrepreneurs, we perform preparatory simulations in order to improve the recruitment percentages. The more focused and professional the early preparation, the closer you will be to raising the money and promoting the next milestones.

Business Plan

A business plan is a detailed work plan for the correct and efficient planning of a venture. Investors and funds examine it in order to make a decision whether to invest in the venture. Opening a venture or improving a business requires advance planning that includes the most important business issues such as: business model, pricing, marketing, flow, the team and more.

market research

Market research is a process of gathering information about different markets, in order to expand the understanding of the business, marketing and competitive environment. The information collected during the research presents business facts from the field and helps in gaining insights and making strategic decisions. Market research is an essential element in the company's marketing and differentiation ability.

Marketing and strategy

A marketing plan is a road map that tells the entrepreneur what he must do to achieve his marketing goals within a specified time frame. It is important to have a marketing plan because it defines the various points of contact with the audience and competitors, it describes the actions and the marketing strategy that the enterprise should carry out in order to achieve the same goals.

Product development and imaging

Product development is the overall process starting from the stage of the initial idea formed by the entrepreneur, company or start-up until reaching a finished product that leaves the production line and is ready to hit the shelves. This process is complex and must be carried out in a considered and planned manner through clear stages starting from the concept stage to serial production.

Application development and demo

In the process of building an application, before the development phase, it is required to characterize and design the screens (UXUI) in order to illustrate the features and the navigation process in the application before presenting it to investors. Finally, you can build a technical characterization for the content and choose the type of development environment according to requirements.

branding and brandbook

The main goal of the branding process is to convey clear and positive messages to customers by creating a clear differentiation that will form a unique visual identity for the brand in the consumer. It is necessary to create trust, confidence and a strong external image around the brand. Choosing the colors and creating a unique logo are among the steps on the way to building a dedicated brand book for a project or business.

A software house that specializes in software development for high-tech companies, startups and entrepreneurs in their early stages

Software development and system integrations

A software house specializing in software development for high-tech companies, startups and entrepreneurs in their early stages.

Hi, if you have reached this page, you probably want to develop a system or an application and are looking to team up with a technology partner – a development company that can develop and turn your ideas into reality.
That’s what we’re here for.

Our company provides the complete answer to establishing Start-up

What is important to know before starting a software development project?

Developing software or developing an application in a high-quality way requires careful planning, knowledge of the product, ability to characterize and plan the architecture of the system, selection of appropriate technology, and more. These are very important decisions that will determine the nature of the application, and also the developmental consequences that will follow.
Another parameter that should not be taken lightly and has a critical impact on the success of the platform – is the UI/UX design.

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