Social media

Imagine the following situation: you do what you love to do and are only good at, we arrange for you a constant flow of content, inquiries and customers.

What does the service include?

Building a strategic plan for branding and marketing the business

Ongoing management of the Instagram and Facebook pages.

Writing content for social media

Editing content for social networks

This means creating stories and RTM content on an ongoing basis and uploading them to social media

Ongoing advice from our professional team

Who is it for?

Our social management service is a premium service intended for all types of businesses, you don’t need to worry, we adapt ourselves to the business, because we believe in any business, therefore we will make sure to adapt the marketing plan for your business.

New businesses receive from us a marketing plan for future growth.
Businesses that already have a digital infrastructure and publish content and market their business and are ready to take it to the next level.

Management of social pages

Our social media department consists of social media managers with extensive experience in managing business pages and extensive knowledge of the algorithmic interface of social networks. We provide full management of the social media pages according to the marketing strategy, uploading content, providing immediate customer service and concentrating inquiries, forming collaborations with influencers, managing sweepstakes and competitiveness. And of course, adjusting pages for sponsored advertising to maximize campaign results.

Graphic Design

Each graphic designer has her own specialty. We specialize in marketing design and motivation for action. Logo design and creation of a brand book, design of social media pages, banners, rollups, billboards, product catalog design, stickers for WhatsApp and more.

Promotional video production

One picture is worth a thousand words, and one video is worth a thousand pictures. We specialize in producing promotional videos for any purpose and conveying marketing messages using video. We make sure to provide a full service starting from the stage of formulating the concept, choosing a location, casting actors and models, writing scripts, directing photography and editing combined with after effects capabilities.

Creative and rating monkeys

We don't think outside the box. We throw the box in the air and play volleyball with it. We specialize in formulating creative ideas and connecting them with social work, writing viral content for social networks, and monkey work for advertising in combination with psychological techniques and motivation for action.

Content production for networks

Video is the most powerful marketing tool when it comes to social networks. We specialize in the production of photo days to create content for social networks. Tiktoks, Realms, Stories, winning posts and product photos.

Video production

One of our favorite services is the production of videos for businesses. Come tell your story! We produce videos with you that will achieve exactly your goals - whether for marketing and image purposes, advertisements, recruitment and training of employees, training, product videos and more, with us creativity, creativity is the name of the game.

Optimize your social media

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Social marketing

Through it we will reach more and more people who are waiting for us in the places you have not yet known.


Photography department feel the experience, the complete interaction the photography experience and then the perfect result after editing.

Local optimization

We always believe that success starts from the source, that's why we aim at the beginning to expose you to your local audience.

Data Analysis

One of the most challenging services is performing an analysis of the data we receive after the production of your brand. From this we conclude a lot and reach more audiences.

Social commerce

Social commerce is also affected, our services will cause a significant increase in social commerce, delaying the arrival of the right content to the right audience.

Social reach

We invite you to reach the whole of your company through our services.

And what did you get out of it?

We are here to keep you on a branded and beautiful Instagram page, on an active and consistent social media page with organized and marketing content

In the form of social media management, you can maintain an existing, warm audience and you will also increase the intensity of their involvement.

Which will increase the training with your customers and potential customers and thus your conversion percentages will also increase! Increasing exposure to the relevant target audience, increasing the number of referrals, the number of followers and the number of transactions.

And of course – full enjoyment of your business and great respect from all customers and partners.

How do you build everything?

4 easy and fast main steps, will make your business be on the right path in the digital world, together we will build a successful and stable path.

Consent and start

After receiving the refinement and updating the plan, they agree and shake hands and then what?
Right! Let’s start!!


A meeting to refine points and present the plan to the business, in this meeting we receive the thoughts and vision of the business owner and the special requests that we will address in the plan.


After receiving the overall information from the first meeting with the business, the company team meets in the office, opens the pages and begins the brainstorming and building a marketing horizon for the business.

Getting to know the business

In this meeting we will get to know our company will distinguish the needs of the business, the labor market, the goals of the business, the future vision and the belief of our service business.


Grow your audience faster than ever

Through a targeted marketing strategy, with a work plan

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