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Development of personal technology for business

Technological solutions for businesses

Technology is an inseparable part of us and certainly when maintaining a business that needs to simultaneously serve, update, synchronize, track, pay, purchase, declare, communicate, etc. Hence there is no question of whether to use technology, but there is a question of which technology is better – which technology is topical and economical for you. Hence, even if we do not know your specific business, we do find it appropriate to recommend some leading technologies, if only so that you stay updated, so that when the need arises – you will be ready for action.

What is meant by technological solutions?

Is your business making money? And you don’t enjoy it?

You probably encounter technical faults, traces, and standard readings every day, and you are constantly forced to take care of it and emphasize it more time at the expense of your time.

Do you have customers who call and you are not enough to answer them or make an appointment with them?
You probably have too many calculators running in your head, and most of them are thoughts that can be solved through a technological solution that will put you in order, and reduce the frequency of the thoughts that arise.

One Stop Shop

A comprehensive solutions house that provides end-to-end computing services in all areas of information systems. We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions for the customer’s needs, starting from the characterization phase to implementation and assimilation.

A comprehensive solution house, which provides its customers with a complete and comprehensive solution in the fields of computing and information technologies.

Where is trash can number 7 located?

“Transit Station” is a leading company in the field of garbage containers, supplies, collects, pours, garbage containers for every consumer. The garbage containers are scattered throughout the country without a smart system for locating or computing the residence time.

The containers are delivered to customers and the information about the containers is not saved anywhere, when paying for the rental of the container, how is any information that shows the waiting time and the number of containers, so contact us 🙂

Gad Business has built a smart system for the client which interfaces directly with the office computers, through a QR CODE. The system requires a smartphone and a camera and the computer does the rest by itself.

How did it help?

The courier of the container scans the QR at the time of delivery, all the information is saved directly in the cloud (start date, length of stay, and cost for several days, and exception conference).

When collecting from the customer, the courier scans the QR again, and the system verifies the operation by contacting the courier and calculates the cost to the customer. When the courier arrives at the station, the system again verifies his request to terminate the rental of that customer, and then prints the invoice for the customer.

**Our company built a website for the technological solution that displays in real time the location of the containers and all the necessary statistical information that encompasses all the questions that pass through a “transfer station” at any given moment.

From this moment on, the owners of a “transit station” saved time calculating costs + late fees, arguing with customers, and more.

We will leave you with an illustration of the project

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